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StarFabric标准PCI总线 扩展适配器(PC侧Low Profile PCI)

The EAD(LPCI)SF is an expansion adapter that connects the optional expansion chassis [ECH(PCI)SF] to a PC to extend a PCI bus expansion slot in the PC, thereby providing additional PCI bus expansion slots. The expansion adapter can connect the expansion chassis to the PC over a distance of up to 12m.

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RoHS Directive


  • A high-speed serial transmission PCI bridge [StarFabric] has been introduced. A 5Gbps full-duplex link (transmission: 2.5Gbps, reception: 2.5Gbps)*1 is used for high-speed communication of PCI bus signals. *1 The numerical values displayed are theoretical maximum values; therefore these values do not represent the actual data transfer speeds.
  • Capable of expand the PCI bus (5V/32-bit, 33 MHz) from a single PCI bus slot in the PC. PCI-bus compatible, eliminating the need for changing PCI bus board software.
  • STP category 5e cables with high noise-imunity realize easy wiring and installation. Connection cables (12-meter, STP-category, 5e straight cables) are bundled. A commercial category 5e UTP cable can also be used.
  • A suitable PCI bus expansion chassis can be selected, according to the number of slots and board size required.
  • Power supply controllable in response to the turning on/off of the PC's power supply.
  • Supporting both of Low Profile and standard PCI slots (exchangeable with the bundled bracket).


Extended unit bus adapter

Bus adapter
Bus adapter
PCI(Low Profile)-to-PCI 
Long/Full size
Middle size
Short/Half size
Power supply capacity +5VDC
Power supply capacity +3.3VDC
Power supply capacity -5VDC
Power supply capacity +12VDC
Power supply capacity -12VDC

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Product CodeProduct
ECH(PCI)SF-F13AStarFabric标准PCI总线 扩展机箱(长板 x 13、内置电源)
ECH(PCI)SF-F2BStarFabric标准PCI总线 扩展机箱(长板 x 2、外置电源、配AC适配器)
ECH(PCI)SF-F4BStarFabric标准PCI总线 扩展机箱(长板 x 4、外置电源、配AC适配器)
ECH(PCI)SF-F7AStarFabric标准PCI总线 扩展机箱(长板 x 7、内置电源)
ECH(PCI)SF-H2BStarFabric标准PCI总线 扩展机箱(短板 x 2、外置电源、配AC适配器)
ECH(PCI)SF-H4AStarFabric标准PCI总线 扩展机箱(短板 x 4、内置电源)
ECH(PCI)SF-H4BStarFabric标准PCI总线 扩展机箱(短板 x 4、外置电源、配AC适配器)
TP-03Twist Pair Cable(3m)
TP-05Twist Pair Cable(5m)
TP-10Twist Pair Cable(10m)

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