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ActiveX components sets for measurement system development
ACX-PAC(W32) Ver.5.0

ACX-PAC(W32) is a measurement system development support tool corresponding to our measurements system order interface board / card /USB device more than 200 kinds. It is fully loaded with a collection of software parts specialized in a measurement use. In addition, a PC measurement is begun without programing immediately because example program (an application program) such as a data logger or a wave pattern analysis tool are collected.




  • It is fully loaded with a software part specialized in a measurement use: It is fully loaded with software parts (ActiveX component) such as the screen display (various graphs, slider, and others), analysis / operation (FFT, filter others), file operation (data save, reading). It supports our measurements system interface board / card /USB device more than 200 kinds.
  • New programming-style: By stick a software part, and development-style to describe connection in a script becomes it. Because make it, It offer new programmer's workbench to put a necessary component together.
  • An abundant example program: 10 kinds of example program (an application) such as an FFT analyzer, a hyper logger, data scope are on. If it meet a use purpose, It can realize a system immediately without programming work. Besides, a license is free for a source code of each example program, so that it can customize that freely by preparing Visual Basic separately.
  • The data collection which use Excel and simple measurement in a laboratory for: All components can stick on Microsoft Excel directly, and using VBA (Excel macro-function), can realize an original measurement system. When use a note PC in a laboratory or the place where one go to, and it is easily possible for data collection with PC Card and a casebook (an Excel scope).
  • CONTEC original product of relief: Because systems construction is possible by all original product to include a platform, an input and output board, uneasiness by a combination dissolves. In addition, It be back up by close support system and needs reflection in few speedy to an overseas product strongly.
  • A license is free for run time: As for the software part (OCX), The license is unnecessary for run time(practice environment). It can distribute freely to develope application program using this product. *As for the development environment, only one license becomes (It can install only one computer).


Support software (PC-HELPER)

Windows 95 
Windows 98 
Windows 98 SE 
Windows Me 
Windows NT 4.0 
Windows 2000 
Windows XP 
Windows 2003 
Windows Vista 

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